a French atmosphere.

Contemporary artworks and design works proposed by Benoît Barme, founder of INSPIRATION.

In their own workshops artists and designers gathered by Benoît create works, unique or in small series.
Artwork and Design works are jointly making part of a French atmosphere. The creators aim at offering surprise , visual pleasure, and suitable functionality for design works - Turning dreams into reality ! -

INSPIRATION activity is destined to a private or professional clientele.

Let’s soon discover together these very talented creators !

Some creations

  • blog/ 05.09.2016 Few new creations !

    Hello,Let’s enter into the Fall season together with 5 Inspiration creators most recent works  ! : Benoît Averly      ...

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  • blog/ 11.07.2016 By Guillaume and Sophie Le Penher's workshop

    Today let’s visit Rezé together, a very nice place on south bank of the Loire river, facing the city of Nantes.  We shall be greeted by  Sophie et Guillaume Le Penher, a couple of visual artists with a multi faceted vision, a strong taste for the exploration of art materials, and for...

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