Pauline Betin.



Pauline Bétin is a glass sculptor. She opened her workshop in 2009. She graduated in both Fine Arts and Glass Arts. During her studies and trainings she has discovered the specificities of molten glass, her favorite material currently. Her creations are a mixture of molten glass, screen-printing and color pigments, born after many precision technical steps. She loves telling stories through her glass sculptures. These stories are based on serigraphy urban garden landscapes. This gives the sculpture a kind of photographic field depth and a feeling of poetry altogether. Pauline loves to share with her clients the artistic and poetic result, as well as the challenge of overcoming technical difficulties.

Pauline Betin is the 2011 Winner of the Ateliers d’Art de France's Young Creator award –

Some Information on Pauline Betin’ s recent activity :

St’art 2009 Contemporary Art faire – Strasbourg (France)
2012 European Glass Context exhibition – Bornholm (Denmark)
2013 Triennal Ceramic 2014 European Museum for Modern Glas exhibition – Coburg (Germany)
2013 FORMAT Art Gallery – “Nature Torte” exhibition _ Oslo (Norway)
2014 Contemporary French Glass exhibition – AD Gallery & Consultancy – Anvers (Belgium)
2014 "French Art Tour" glass sculpture exhibition - Liuli China museum - Shanghai (China)

November 2018 to February 2019 - exhibition in Cast glass museum - Charleroi, Belgium
June to August - Paysage(s) en mutation, solo exhibition - Les Digitales, Caden France
September - duo exhibition with Charles Hair - Antoine Barina gallery - Mulhouse, France
September and October - Atmosphères en mutation - Mondapart gallery, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
September - Lorient artists workshops open doors - hosted by the atelier Mineral Design Aurélie ABADIE+SAUQUES Samuel
September - her own workshop open doors - Betton, France
September - collective exhibition -hosted by la Galerie l’Antre-Temps in the couvent des Jacobins in the frame of the Tetes de l’Art festival, - Rennes, France
October Biennale du verre de Carmaux, France

Musée Centre d’Art du Verre - collective exhibition -Carmaux, France
galerie Improbable jardin Lorient
galerie Mondapart Bologne Billancourt
galerie Ecu de France Viroflay

Pauline Bétin each year exhibit in the Maison et Objet international fair (CRAFT section)

photo credits Studio 120 notably