Marc Lepilleur.



Marc Lepilleur, a glass artist, has studied at the the CERFAV (Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation au Arts Verriers).  After refining his art working besides well-known Czech artists and steadily challenged by the vast possibilities of working with glass, Marc set up his own practice. Marc uses color pigments for color his sculptures, transforming them into a playful kaleidoscope  of lights, volumes and surfaces. His global idea starts taking form already at the first stages of his creation. Inspired by nature and its' four elements,  Marc is keen to share  with his clients small-size, stand-alone sculptures or big-size sculptures incorporated in an architectural project. His sculptures aim to make you dream under his artistic prisma, while at the time open the door to questions on art, nature, the meaning of life... 

Marc Lepilleur participates at the biennale of the Maison et Objets Art fair (Paris), once or twice a year.
In 2005 he received the Honorary award of the Jutta Cuny fondation (Germany).
In 2010 he received  the Sculpture art award at the Cholet Art fair (France).
His artworks are sold internationally to  private art collectors in the USA (New York), Portugal, Taiwan, India, United Kingdom (London)  and Barbuda.  

Few recent exhibitions :
November 2018 : « Résonances » art fair - Strasbourg, France
September 2018 exhibition in Randa Missir gallery - Beirut, Lebanon
April to July 2017 : « Entrée en Matière » exhibition in Paola Lumbroso gallery - Saint Ouen, France
July 2017 : "l"Art en Perche "exhibition , "Landscapes in contemporary art" - Mortagne au Perche, France

photo credits Studio 120 notably