Jean-Marc Brunet.



Jean-Marc Brunet is a painter artist. He very early develops a passion for drawing
and painting and participated to his first exhibition, on watercolor landscapes, at
the age of 16. He started is activity in Paris in 1990, working in
several painters workshop successively. From 1993 to 1995 Jean Marc travelled in
Maghreb and African countries, then set up his own workshop in Chassemy
(north part of France)in 1996. His abstract works, canvas and engravings, made firstly reference to the geometry, and mostly evoke the nature today. Jean-Marc Brunet mainly uses oil and canvas and engraving technics, but keep up an interest in various supports and technics such as ink or watercolor on paper for instance. He practices sculpture as well. Jean-Marc is a man of openminded contact and enjoys very much meeting people and exchanging views,discovering countries and cultures. Today he draws inspiration from Nature (flowers, birds, …) music and poetry.Meeting people and enjoying friendship (with JeanMarc Natel, Michel Butor, Jean Orizet for instance) leads Jean-Marc Brunet to many « cowritten » books were painting or drawing on the one hand, music, poetry or dance on the other hand, can be a source of inspiration or a way of illustration to each others. Additionally Jean Marc participates to many solo or collective art exhibitions worldwide. He particularly enjoys very much to share his very rich experience with art connoisseurs and collectors.

Some Information on Jean-Marc Brunet’ near future activity :
2020 agenda

Hello World creation
for Transculturale Exchange, Boston, USA

International Rare Book Fair, Paris - Grand Palais

La danse des arbres
editing a bronze sculpture, in collaboration with the fonderie d’art Paumelle

Art Montpellier, collective exhibition

Instants Fugitifs Productions
A 52 minutes documentary movie, in collaboration with the writers Jean Orizet, Bernard Noël et Jean-Clarence Lambert

Entrelacs, artist book, 30 copies, poems by Pierre Nicolas, drawings and engravings by Jean-Marc Brunet

2021 agenda


Artist book, 30 copies, poems by Jean-Clarence Lambert, drawings and engravings by Jean-Marc Brunet


Library-Museum Inguimbertine, Carpentras - Solo exhibition

photo credits Jean-Paul Fievet