Jean-Marc Brunet.



Jean-Marc Brunet is a painter. He very early develops a passion for drawing
and painting and participated to his first exhibition, on watercolor landscapes, at
the age of 16. He started is activity in Paris in 1990, working in
several painters workshop successively. From 1993 to 1995 Jean Marc travelled in
Maghreb and African countries, then set up his own workshop in Chassemy
(north part of France)in 1996. His abstract works, canvas and engravings, made firstly reference to the geometry, and mostly evoke the nature today. Jean-Marc Brunet mainly uses oil and canvas and engraving technics, but keep up an interest in various supports and technics such as ink or watercolor on paper for instance. He is a man of openminded contact and enjoys very much meeting people and exchanging views,discovering countries and cultures. Today he draws inspiration from Nature (flowers, birds, …) music and poetry.Meeting people and enjoying friendship (with JeanMarc Natel, Michel Butor, Jean Orizet for instance) leads Jean-Marc Brunet to many « cowritten » books were painting or drawing on the one hand, music, poetry or dance on the other hand, can be a source of inspiration or a way of illustration to each others. Additionally Jean Marc participates to many solo or collective art exhibitions worldwide. He particularly enjoys very much to share his very rich experience with art connoisseurs and collectors.

Some Information on Jean-Marc Brunet’ activity :
Collective exhibitions

La ferme du château - Dracy
till August 30 2017
Within the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the death of Charles Baudelaire, Jean-Clarence Lambert invites eleven artists in Puisaye region Open Saturdays and Sundays, and by appointment : call

Creuse valley museum
till 17 September 2017
Art, artist et book together : with Alechinsky, Braque, Brunet, Bryen, Fred Deux, Picabia, Pons, Viallat,...
for detailed information, please contact :

Art Elysées - Chauvy gallery
from 19 till 23 October 2017
The Chauvy gallery exhibits Appel, Corneille, Brunet, Erro, Hartung, Lindström, Ségui, …

Solo exhibitions

Artbiblio - Librairie-Galerie
from 1 till 30 November 2017
Marks for secret gardens : Jean-Marc Brunet's artist books, object-book, engraving
13, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris.

Collective exhibition - Gravure - Hélène Nougaro gallery , Paris (France)
Solo exhibition, Kunstruktion Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)
Collective exhibition, New-York (USA)
Collective exhibition Creuse valley museum Eguzon-Chantôme (France) with Bazaine, Manessier, Mathieu, Messagier, Debré, Wou-Ki, Ubac, Abboud, Hartung, Bolin, Teh Chun, Laubiès, …

Release of a collection of poems L’envol de l’année : poems by Michel Butor, artworks on canvas and paper Hommage à Michel Butor made from 2008 on.
Solo exhibition - Eloges croisés - Chauvy gallery, Paris (France)
Collective exhibition, Art Elysées art fair, Paris (France).
Solo exhibition of more than 80 paintings, Creuse valley museum (France), Eguzon
Chantôme (France).
Envolée : set of eight oil paintings - dimensions 4 x 1,50 m - and of a triptych -
dimensions 3,45 x 4,16 m - in connection with a meeting in La collégiale de Braine.with the piano-player Vassilis Varvaresos and the poet Jean-Yves Clément.

Release of the Suite Lyrique book : a set 48 paintings and 48 aphorisms by Jean-Yves Clément, Le Passeur editions.
Collective exhibitions in Bulgaria, Macédonia, Italy, Danemark, Québec and Marrocco
Solo exhibition - Bueno Home Gallery, (Monaco)
Release of a set of drawings Bonjour Mr Brunet with the poet Bernard Noël.

Solo exhibition, Fort Napoléon galleries, La Seyne-sur-Mer (France) - catalog foreword by François de Villandry
Solo exhibition, Chauvy gallery, Paris (France) - catalog foreword by Lydia Harambourg.
Creation of a cover page for Jean Orizet’ book  Mémoires d’entretemps œuvre en prose 2, Le Cherche-Midi editions.
Creation, with the poet Jean-Marc Natel, of a a set of twenty-two poems and paintings.
Creating drawing and engraving works with the poet Bernard Noël’ book "Un temps sans lieu", AEncrages & co editions.

Solo exhibition Soissons museum (France)
Solo exhibition Les Tuiliers gallery, Lyon (France)
Release of a monographie, foreword by Michel Butor and Pierre Drachline, text by
Charlotte Waligora.
Solo exhibition, Ariel gallery, Lyon (France)
Art curator Biennale Traces (Aisne) with Alquin, Arnal, Bargoni, Bitran, Destarac, Gadenne, Gontard, Rivière, Rustin, Umbdenstock, Vigas.

photo credits Jean-Paul Fievet