Olivier Rollin.



Olivier Rollin enjoys to carry out researches and experimentations in his workshop. It’s a favorite place to mix technics, to test the capacities of a specific medium, or to try a new material out. These different actions help Olivier in nourishing his own visual art vocabulary. This allows to bring forth a broad diversity of works and a variety of stylistic approaches, from painting to drawing, including lacquer and 3D works for instance. A new artwork results from a lengthy process made of several steps, including drawing and 3D representation notably. Even if acting within such an hybrid intellectual path, Olivier keeps on using the recurring theme of Landscape. He draws his inspiration from different sources . First of all it comes from the surrounding Nature : the vegetal and mineral worlds, and also fire and surrounding air. Additionally Olivier relies on study of the human figure, and also on his impressions and souvenirs of earlier abroad travels. Further to this association of technic and imagination, resulting artworks connoisseurs and collectors can imagine to face new visions of a mountain rock canyon, beautiful old trees, secret Japanese gardens, or far-off planets for instance…