Stéphanie Seruzier.



A lacquerer and creative painter-artist, Stephanie Seruzier graduated from the Bourges School of Fine Arts and started her activity in 2000 Her first workshop was in Paris, and the second one set up in Burgundy - south part of France - in 2005. Within a first step she was active with painting,using oil on canvas or mixed media. She focused her creative research on symbolism and mysticism, non figurative painting, and on the way to highlight the materials characteristics. This last part led her to seek for a specific media highlighting colors and gloss like done by the sea waves recovering rocks. Then she discovered the lacquer medium and made it her favorite one. Today Stephanie lacquers on wood, metal, or ceramic . Stephanie Seruzier uses not only a huge range of color pigments, but also gold leaf and specific stones such as agate, lapis-lazuli and tourmaline. Getting the satisfying lacquered artwork requires numerous steps, and a high-precision job. She draws inspiration from multiple origins : cartography, sea landscapes and coral reefs, geometric shapes, mineral or vegetal worlds. Stephanie proposes works along her own inspiration but also makes bespoke unique pieces. The final work can be a lacquered wall panel, a piece of furniture, or a lightning device for instance. She enjoys to share with the connoisseur this new shining interpretation of existing worlds, bringing poetry, soft touch, transparency.

Additional information on Stephanie Seruzier’s recent activity :
2019-20 exhibition - Passion d’Art gallery - Cluny (France)
2019 exhibition - Maison des Métiers d’Art - Pézenas (France)
2018 exhibition - L’Art et la Matière gallery - Saint Amand en Puisaye (France)
2018 « laques d’art » exhibition - Lavardens castle - Gers region (France)
2018 exhibition - La Nef gallery - Montpellier (France)
2018 exhibition - Empreinte gallery - Paris
2018 exhibition - Talents Étoile gallery - Paris
2017 exhibition - Talents Étoile gallery - Paris
2017 exhibition - François Mitterrand gallery- Dijon (France)
2016 exhibition - Empreinte gallery - Paris
2016 exhibition - Talents Étoile gallery - Paris
2015  collective exhibition - Talents Etoile gallery - Paris (France)
2015 Maison & Objets design and art fair - Craft section
2014  Salon Resonance design and art fair - Strasbourg (France)
2014  Maison & Objets design and art fair - Craft sectionParis (France)
2013  Maison et Décoration design and art fair - Colmar (France)
2013  Salon Habitat et Décoration design and art fair - Nancy (France)
2012  collective exhibition - Cours les Barres (France)
2011  solo exhibition - Autun (France)
Stephanie Seruzier is a member of the Ateliers d’Art de France and the Taylor art foundations.
Stephanie Seruzier is listed in the INMA Métiers d’Art de France official directory