Manoli Gonzalez.



Manoli Gonzalez is a ceramist artist. She introduces to us her perception of Nature, of the vegetal and mineral universes. In 2004 Manoli’s workshop was open, further to a theoretical and practical training in l’École Duperré (ENSAA) and the CNIFOP, as well as in the ceramic artists Sophie Delpech and Jean Cacheleux’ workshops. Manoli Gonzalez is mainly working porcelain material, but she also enjoys using sandstone. This allows Manoli to play with the physical characteristics of the material, as well as its response to light. Manoli Gonzalez’s creations are translucent or opaque, smooth or rough, standstill or wavy, … whether we are talking about ancient varieties of vegetables, insects, bark or rock made cascades, … These sculptures relate to the action of time, sun, water, and wind on our environment. Then vegetal and mineral elements can be seen from a fresh perspective. Manoli’s sculptures invite us in a new space made of dreams and fantasy, imprinted with serenity!