Florence Schmidgen.



Florence Schmidgen is a visual artist. She set her workshop up, further to theoretical and practical training, concerning fine arts in La Sorbonne, applied arts in Ensaad, then to glass material in Adac and Murano. Glass is her favorite material, and Florence particularly enjoys trying out the potential various techniques, thermoforming or engraving processes for instance. Glass is considered alone, or associated to other materials, such as silver or copper oxides. These permanent or mobile sculptures highlight and play with any and all characteristics of the glass material: transparency or opacity, reflection, mirror effect, … We are thus invited by Florence Schmidgen to discover her creations in their different forms, even from the seen to the unseen. We are also allowed to look for a very personal resonance or significance, through playing with the theme, the text or the visual elements, giving free rein to our imagination or memories.