Etats d'âme fugitifs.

sculpture,thermoformed glass, iron powder, verre thermoformé, poudre de fer, powder made of various stones

dimensions (cm) : env. 25

Les états d'âme fugitifs from Florence Schmidgen's standpoint :
"We are not seeing them, but there they are, underlying our physical bodies, not necessarily visible to others, intangible, of changing nature, going from clarity to obscurity. They go along with us."

Etats d'âme fugitifs1/6

Etats d'âme fugitifs2/6

Etats d'âme fugitifs3/6

Etats d'âme fugitifs4/6

Etats d'âme fugitifs5/6

Etats d'âme fugitifs6/6

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