Laurent Guillot.



Since 1993, Laurent Guillot has developed experience around the wood lively material, within his daily carpenter and sculptor activities notably. Besides Laurent is a musician, a drummer more precisely. His sculptures are made of many essences, mainly locally sourced but coming also from other countries and continents. Different technics are applied, such as engraving, carving, woodturning, charring notably. Leaving free course to imaginary, Laurent explores the selected material boundaries. Volume and patterns are combined together, making reference to many different universes: plants, mineral, geometry, mathematics rhythmic, ... Each sculpture tells us a unique story and emotion, using for instance smooth, souple, angular forms or patterns, a succession of waves, cavities, ... generated by various impressions or inspirations: technics, algorithms, automatic writing, alterity, repetition.
Laurent Guillot very often participated in art exhibitions or competitions, in Europe and United States notably.

Laurent Guillot describes his day to day creation activity as follows: :
"Each of us evolution is coming from the addition of several factors: an abundance of knowledge, some path or development: sensory, as well as technical and artistic ones
In 1995 I started to show my work, followed by participation in Maison & Objet fair in 2000, then an artist’s residency in 2002, and multiple art fairs and solo exhibitions in between and after. I feel like to be a pioneer artist. Then strong emotions surface and have to be managed".