Eric Wilmot.



Looking for daily challenges and discoveries, several years ago Eric Wilmot decided to move to the furniture making activity. Further to graduating in the David Savage furniture design maker school in England, Eric set his own practice in 2009. He is mostly working to order. As a first step he is checking the furniture required functionalities. Then Eric is “dreaming” about the ideal corresponding piece of furniture. This lead to turning the dream into a real piece of furniture. Eric’s pieces of furniture are made of a simple and sober design, associated with a variety of wood species and colors. Eric find his inspiration in different countries (Norway for instance were he has lived for 5 years), or technical fields (mechanics for instance), as well as in previous exchanges of views with clients.Eric Wilmot like very much his clients to be surprised by the overall aesthetic (wow!) given that the creation complies with functionalities.

Some Information on Eric Wilmot’ activity at International level:
Maison et Objet fair (CRAFT section) - Paris (France) (semestriel or yearly participation)
May 2015​ EUNIQUE International Fair for Applied Arts & Design ; Karlsruhe (Germany)

photo credits Studio 120 notably