Stephane Cassoth.



Stéphane Cassoth is born in 1968 in Ixelles, Belgium. He studied sculpture and industrial design at the College of Arts Saint-Luc in Liège, Belgium.
His sculpture explores the complexity of the living world. All these systems, the structures that surround us and that are part of us are hidden in the depths of the fundamentally small and the infinitely large. They organize and communicate. They touch us, affect us and integrate us into their universe. It remains to us to feel them, to listen to them and to discover ourselves as a complex interacting system. Many accesses may be found - each of us should find the one that suits him best or develop his own. Of all times and all forms, sculpture witnesses our craving for transcendence by materializing the invisible.


2015 Gallery Ewa, Liège, Belgium
2015 Berliner Liste, Art Fair, Berlin
2015 Ansembourg Museum, Museum of the City of Liege, Belgium.
2014 Gallery Como en Casa, Liège, Belgium.