Pascale Charrier-Royer.



Pascale Charrier-Royer lives and paints in Lyon. Very early in her life she developed a passion for drawing and painting. Having worked in the fields of business, IT and teaching, she then decided to turn her painting hobby into a daily professional activity. It all started with a long stay in Hungary, where she met Hannah Kurthy and developed her knowledge and skills, and participated at her first exhibitions. Pascale Charrier-Royer paints oil on canvas, mostly using the pallet knife to execute her creations. She believes that this medium and technique allow a contemporary interpretation through spontaneous strokes, while at the same time offering the possibility of a traditional tune up of the painting through the use of a limited number of colours and precise touching up. When creating a new painting, Pascale likes to play with three elements simultaneously: colour, light, and paint and canvas material. She likes to give hints to the viewer. When looking at her paintings we can see or imagine, albeit with no certainty, a broad marine landscape, a footpath in the mountain, a succession of valleys and forests, a woman shape… The future of humanity, the meaning of life, dance, and literature are Pascale Charrier-Royer’s favourite painting themes today. She is keen to set up a dialog with her viewers; Pascale’s finalized and exhibited paintings are lively creations opening the door to our interpretation.

Pascale Charrier-Royer recently participated to the following art events:
September 2017 We Can Control Space, New York - USA
July 2017 Bazaart Art Jakarta, Jakarta- Indonesia June 2017 Plastic Art Seoul, Seoul - South Korea
June 2017 Art Busan, Busan - South Korea
May 2017 Smart Aix en Provence France
April 2017 Spring Show Aulnay sous Bois France
April 2016 collective exhibition Maison Kaufman, Brussel - Belgium
November 2015 Montserrat gallery exhibition , represented by the ArtYou gallery
2014 participation to a Drouot art auction - Paris (France)
2013 Spring gallery New York (USA), represented by Creative Concept Studio
2013 participation to the International Art Biennal in Palermo (Italy)
2012 exhibition in the Whitney gallery - New York (USA)
2011 exhibition in the French Institute in Budapest (Hungary)
2010 exhibition in the Melange art gallery in Budapest (Hungary)
Participation to many Art fairs in Ambronay, Lyon (salon Optique, son Berthelot, salon des Independants, salon Art3F, Cercle Optique gallery) Paris (Carrousel du Louvre, Thuillier gallery, Talbot gallery)
She was selected by the art critic Salvatore Russo to be published in the SEGNELATI art magazine

photo credits Studio 120