Marie Hélène Soyer.



Marie-Helene Soyer is enameler. Starting her activity in 2004, in 2007 she set up her own workshop in Nantes. (France). She has been for several years carrying out researches on enamel technic. She draws inspiration not only from folk arts, or the human being relationship to his memory, but also from writing, graphic design and coloring. Today she presents us with enamel artworks full of poetry and magic, an assemblage of colored glass and metal oxide, coating a metal material, such as copper, steel, or precious metalware. These unique pieces are destined to different uses such as furnishing, home or office decorating, sculptures, utilitarian artworks, private or public monuments, urban decoration or signalization. Marie-Helene’s creations are destined to outdoor as well as indoor usage, notably due to the weather resistance of an enamel coating.They are fulfilling expectations of different types of customers, private individuals but also professional people like architects, interior architects or decorators. Marie Helene Soyer enjoys very much to share her passion and knowledge, with her clients and with enameler fellow colleagues, within residences, for instance.

Some Information on Marie-Helene Amilien' activity at International level :

2016 2nd World War memorials Colleville sur Mer (France)
2015 Creation of enamel coated flags - 2nd World War Commemorative monument - Saumur castle (France)
2014 Prototyping of a table for ABC HOME concept store New-York (USA)
2014 Prototyping for the Petit Bateau brand (France)
2013 Solo Art Exhibition - Ravenstein (Netherlands)
2012 U.S Military monument (Luxemburg)
2012 Prototyping for Dior Haute-Couture (France) Prototyping for Lumières Studio, Paris (France)
Solo or collective exhibitions in France or abroad

Awards :
2009 : 2nd award Prix Métal Nantes (France)

2007 : Winner - international Enamel workshop Kecskemèt (Hungary)

photo credits : Patrice Molle