Laurent Guillot.



Work on progress

Over the years Laurent Guillot has developed passionated and experienced activity around the wood lively material. The wood is making part of his daily carpenter and sculptor activities notably. oed a développé une passion et une expérience autour du bois, matériau vivant. Le bois l'accompagnenotammentdansses activités de charpentier et de sculpteur Laurent offers to sharehis passion with us. His sculptures are made of many wood essences, coming from many continents the world over. Through different technic, engraving, carving, woodturning, charring notably, Laurent emphasizes the selected piece of wood characteristics, its veins and colors, ... The sculpture' volume and patterns are combined together, making reference to many different universes: plants, the human body, mineral, geometry, mathematics, ... Each sculpture tells us a unique story and emotion, using for instance smooth and natural forms (succession of waves, blooming sea anemone, ...) or technically inspired patterns (checkered board, algebraic models, ...)

Laurent Guillot very often participated in art exhibitions or competitions, in Europe and United States notably. .His sculptures are hosted in many museums as well