J. Boucault et J. Thomas - XII Création.



On the 1st January 2012, Julia Boucault and Jeremy Thomas pooled their expertise and set up the XII Creation company. Julia has an interior designer’s background while Jeremy has a metalworking engineer’s background. They create and make tailor-made pieces of furniture. They love bringing technical know-how and aesthetic creation to their clients, starting from functional specifications. Their creations are a combination of several materials, such as wood, steel, ceramic. Julia and Jeremy get their inspiration from the animal and the floral universe, as well as from material characteristics discovered at the making. Julia’s and Jeremy’ s motto: satisfy their customers, while getting the thrill of creation and new knowledge all along.

Some Information on XII Creation activity at French or International level:
2014 participation to Art furniture Auctions – Nantes (France)
2014 Paris Design Week – Le Off design fair – Paris (France)
2013 display of XII Creation pieces of furniture within the showroom of “Jean Paul Gauthier Junior” fashion creator – Paris (France)
2013 exhibition of XII Creation pieces of furniture in Loic Vallee Art gallery – Nantes (France)
2013 participation to Art furniture Auctions – Rennes (France)
2012 Housing and Real Estate fair – Angers (France)

photo credits Studio 120 notably