Anaïs Bretonnet.



Anaïs Bretonnet is a Designer graduated in Art and Design in Saint-Etienne. In 2009 she set up her workshop, to develop her own creative projects. Anaïs focuses in lightning devices and furniture. She works in a team spirit with a local electricity engineer and with craftsmen, aiming at top quality. This activity is carried out within a French artistic and technical environment, but including high technology like 3D printer. The resulting products are to be of a real artistic quality, off the beaten track. They are to divert the original meaning of an object, and to suggest a new or several new ones, full of poetry. Anaïs loves to tell new stories, and to make her clients ta- king up the new creation and use it with their own emotions.

Some Information on Anaïs Bretonnet’ activity at International level :
2014 « 58×10 » Designer’s Days exhibition – Paris (France)
2013 Observeur design 13 exhibition - Cité des Sciences - Paris (France)
2013 selection of the “light bench” creation for the City Lyon Design exhibition – Lyon (France)
2013 display of the “light bench” creation within the EDF and Olympique Lyonnais 2013 New Year party
2012 Chocolate product fair – creation of a dress made of chocolate with the VOISIN chocolate maker – Lyon (France)

photo credits Studio 120 notably