Art or applied artworks ?

blog/ 19.10.2015

Art or applied artworks ?

I would like to share with you on a practical point when internal decoration/architecture is concerned :

When launching INSPIRATION activity one year ago roughly, I had a two important question in mind : what kind of products might be of interest to the potential clientele, and who might be my potential suppliers ?

Today I consider to be interested in two categories of « products » : artworks created by artists and design works created by designers. I like to name artists and designers jointly as « creators ». It is not only a matter of marketing positioning. It is firstly a question of suitable consideration of the concerned products and of the involved professional people.

This « strategy" is based on the following reasoning and feeling.

At first I was looking for applied art products (corresponding to the French « produits d’art decoratif »).

I rapidly realized that this denomination was not only too narrow but also not matching with the quality of the involved works.

Actually I am interested in 2 kinds of « products » : incorporating or not incorporating a certain part of functionality. Within the first category lightning devices , pieces of furniture, and ceramics can be found. Within the second category we are talking mainly about painting, engraving, other pictural or drawing arts, sculpture, photography, …

Furthermore I am aiming at top end products. For some historical reason getting back to the XVIII century, the « applied art product » category might lead to an underestimation of the concerned products and professional category.

Again this lead to the top end/high quality works. To me each art or design work should display 4 qualities notably : showing the concerned creator style resulting from an aesthetic creative process being based on a mastered know-how being a unique (or bespoke) , or a small series making.

This understanding of the situation is most probably subjective to a certain extend, and therefore not to match with everybody needs and constraints.

In the meantime I feel the resulting strategy very suitable in my field of activity. Firstly it allows to work with a very large scope of creators working on a wide scale of materials and technics, and help being open to out of the box solutions. Secondly it facilitates an openminded discussion with potential professional or individual clients, in order to reach a clear understanding of their needs and fulfill their expectations.

Please do not hesitate to react :
I will be very pleased to exchangepoints of view !