Filles de l'air.

work on progress !

sculpture, metal (steel, colored aluminum, brass)

dimensions :
Filles de l'air triple (cm) : 80 (height) ; 30 (width)

Geneviève Mathieu’s artistic approach :
« These sculptures are taken from nature. Starting from inorganic constituents, they recreate a world of plants.
The mineral, material underworld, is reproducing imitating the plant upper-world
« Filles de l’air »: tentatively looking for lightness, grace, light, to celebrate nature, a part essential for life.
I have chosen the tillandsia as a model. Tillandsia is a wild kind of plant, tending to cling to possible support: trees, rock, poles, …. Commonly called "filles de l'air", these plants are aerial, delicate, fragile ones, a startingly beauty easily lending to reverie »

Filles de l'air1/6

Filles de l'air2/6

Filles de l'air3/6

Filles de l'air4/6

Filles de l'air5/6

Filles de l'air6/6

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